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The Evolution Of the Mortar and Pestle
There is no doubt that Products evolve, slowly changing into new forms over time, with designers creating stylistic variations in their
existing designs…In Tahir Mahmood’s case, it took four years.
At IDS10 we witnessed his first attempt at giving the age-old Mortar and Pestle a contemporary spin…A dozen mortar and pestles
later, Tahir presents us with the GUTTA mortar and pestle, where he has successfully (and beautifully) resolved the balance in design and smoothly introduced us to, yet another, dynamic combination of materials: Brass and Rose wood, seamlessly combined to confuse us between a functional utensil and a piece of art! It charms the senses too, with the bell like tingle the pestle makes when pounding the brass bowl.
Tahir’s love of Bauhaus is truly reflected in GUTTA’s aesthetic qualities, material and function.
This crafting of Brass in ‘one piece’ is an age-old technique, a dying craft that Tahir is set on reviving. He says he has been lucky
enough just to find one craftsman in Pakistan who has the skillset. And intends to design more such interesting combinations.

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